Upcoming Workshops
Layer 7’s subject matter experts are actively engaged in spearheading new concepts and best practices around API Management, Mobile Access, SOA Governance and Cloud Integration. Our thought leaders regularly speak at top trade shows, as well as presenting online webinars and Tech Talks. Additionally, Layer 7 takes an active role in the API developer community by sponsoring a range of workshops, hackathons and dev meet-ups.


Upcoming Workshops


API360 Summit (Washington, DC)
September 12, 2014 | 8:30am-5pm

Across industries and at the most fundamental level, business is becoming more technology-centric - with a particular focus on the opportunities created by mobile devices and apps. In this context, APIs provide the building blocks that make it possible to turn a business into a flexible integration platform, where data, applications and other information assets can be connected across organizational and geographical boundaries.

With the US government 's Open Data initiative at the vanguard of this movement, the API Academy has chosen Washington, DC as the location for its first API360 Summit. Powered by CA Technologies, the API Academy has created API360 as a gathering place for the world's top API strategy, design and management experts. This free summit will take a 360-degree look at how organizations of all kinds can use APIs to accelerate their mobility and open data initiatives. 



  • Matt McLarty
    VP, API Academy
  • Irakli Nadareishvili
    Director of API Strategy, API Academy
  • Mike Amundsen
    Director of API Architecture, API Academy
  • Ronnie Mitra
    Director of API Design, API Academy
  • Gray Brooks
    Sr. API Strategist, GSA
  • Michael Prichard
    Founder & CTO, WillowTree

How to Implement a Successful API Strategy (Iberia Workshops)
Madrid, Spain, September 17, 9:30am-3:30pm | Lisbon, Portugal, September 18, 9:30am-3:30pm

Building great APIs is about more than just design - it requires detailed, thoughtful execution. Your API strategy needs to meet the business requirements of your organization but it must also be flexible enough to meet your developer community’s diverse needs. This workshop with Holger Reinhardt of the CA Layer 7 API Academy will examine the key foundational elements necessary for a solid API implementation strategy.

Join this workshop to learn how to:

  • Align API design with your unique business goals
  • Create an API that developers will love, using the principles of developer experience (DX)
  • Design for multiple client platforms (Web, mobile, cloud and IoT)
  • Learn how DevOps can help to improve your API design, implementation and management plans
  • Address issues around security, identity, social integration, reliability and scalability
Mobile API Security & the App Economy (Cleveland, OH)
September 23, 8:30-11:45am

For more and more enterprises, launching mobile apps to enhance customer engagement and employee productivity is becoming an urgent priority. Because these apps use APIs to expose sensitive data and backend systems, security must play a vital role in these mobility programs. CA’s industry-leading Layer 7 Mobile Access Gateway delivers the strong-but-flexible security, identity and authentication technology needed to protect the APIs that power enterprise mobile apps. The Layer 7 solution also includes a wealth of functionality for managing APIs and enabling app developers.