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Layer 7's subject matter experts are actively engaged in spearheading new concepts and best practices around API Management, Mobile Access, SOA Governance and Cloud Integration. Our thought leaders regularly speak at top trade shows, as well as presenting online webinars and Tech Talks. Additionally, Layer 7 takes an active role in the API developer community by sponsoring a range of workshops, hackathons and dev meet-ups.


Upcoming Webinars


[ Thursday September 25, 2014 | 9am PDT, 12pm EDT ]

Learn about innovative approaches to differentiating, extending reach and establishing trust in financial services



Web and mobile technologies have changed the way we bank, spend money and manage our finances. Using APIs to expose backend systems is central to how financial services organizations are using these digital channels to maximize customer engagement and extend reach into new markets.

However, exposing enterprise systems via APIs creates new security risks. This webinar will explain how financial services companies and organizations across industry sectors can use API security best practices to protect their information assets without impacting the mobile app user experience or cutting off new routes to market.

You Will Learn How Secure APIs

  • Enable innovative ways to improve loyalty, loan and service initiatives
  • Optimize consumer experiences through dynamic mobile apps
  • Increase agility and allow you to do more with fewer resources
  • Deliver security that establishes trust and drives adoption

Presented By

  • David Bressler
    VP Financial Services, CA Technologies
  • Tyson Whitten
    Director of API Management Product Marketing, CA Technologies



There is growing recognition that organizations need to take an approach to API design that sees the big picture and covers all the angles. In this webinar, the API Academy team provides a 360-degree view of the latest topics and trends in API design.

How can we make sure hackers cannot exploit the unprecedented connectivity created by the Internet of Things (IoT)? This Webinar explores key IoT use cases and explains how to address the API security requirements for these use cases.

Create a long-term competitive advantage by leveraging the key methods that successful organizations are using to create sustainable competitive advantage through digital transformation.

Mehdi Medjaoul, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Webshell – the company behind OAuth.io – and Scott Morrison, former CTO of Layer 7 and now Distinguished Engineer at CA Technologies, discuss how authorization experts are really using OAuth today.

Learn how enterprises can secure services exposed by mobile apps in a way that satisfies internal security requirements without impacting the user experience for external consumers.

Take a look at the drivers behind the open enterprise, challenges created by this new way of doing business and how APIs can empower you to meet these challenges in order to transform your organization.


This webinar with Ronnie Mitra of Layer 7 and guest speaker Randy Heffner of Forrester Research, Inc. provides practical tips on building APIs that will deliver a great developer experience and truly contribute to your organization’s business success.

The Layer 7 API Academy's Holger Reinhardt and Matt McLarty explore API-driven ways to simplify the process of providing meaningful insight into significant information from huge data stores. 

Why do we make it so hard for mobile consumers to do business with us by confronting them with multiple login screens and passwords? With the release of the Layer 7 Mobile Access Gateway 2.0 organizations can now achieve faster mobile consumer engagement.


In this interactive webinar, Ronnie Mitra and Mike Amundsen, discuss the promise, challenges and future of Web APIs, both inside and outside the enterprise.

This webinar examines the differences between identity federation across Web, cloud and mobile and explores the impact of emerging federation standards.

See how MDM/MAM solutions can be implemented in conjunction with Mobile Access and API Management technologies in order to deliver end-to-end data and app protection.


Choosing the right API Management solution can make implementing a successful API strategy much easier and help to ensure your APIs are exposed in a secure, manageable way. This webinar discusses the criteria for selecting an API Management solution. 

Hackathons provide a great way to grow developer awareness of APIs and attract the attention of thought leaders and influencers. This webinar explains how you can also get feedback and data from hackathons that will help you prove the value of your API program.

Your API strategy must meet the business needs of your organization but it must also be flexible enough to meet your developers' diverse needs. This webinar with Mike Amundsen, Layer 7 API Architect, examines key elements necessary for a solid API strategy.

Scott Morrison – CTO at Layer 7 Technologies – explains in detail how an enterprise can pursue its API publishing strategy without compromising the security of its on-premise systems and data.

Alex Donn, Head of Hackathons at AT&T, explains how you can engage visionary third-party developers to get innovative apps built against your APIs. Learn about hackathons, developer challenges, interactive documentation and developer portals.

Scott Morrison, CTO at Layer 7 technologies outlines a fresh approach to IT security and management, designed specifically for mobile. Find out how you can manage identities and protect data while providing mobile access to on-premise enterprise systems.