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Securing the WebSocket Streaming Protocol


Simplify Secure WebSocket-Based Communication for Mobile Apps


Layer 7’s SecureSpan Mobile Access Gateway simplifies the process of adapting internal data, application and security infrastructure for mobile use. The Mobile Access Gateway provides a centralized way to control security and management policies for information assets exposed, via APIs, to mobile developers and apps.

This demo video provides a demonstration of the SecureSpan Mobile Access Gateway’s functionality for the WebSocket protocol. WebSocket allows Web- and mobile-based applications to easily move from traditional request-reply HTTP communication into new forms of full-duplex, bi-directional communication.

The Mobile Access Gateway can be used to proxy communications between a WebSocket client and server. As such, the Gateway is able to scan and log content, filtering and modifying the content as needed. This helps enterprises prevent the leakage of sensitive or inappropriate content in mobile field enablement or BYOD scenarios.

Securing the WebSocket Streaming Protocol