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Developer Management


Build an Active Developer Community to Get Maximum Benefit from Your Open APIs


Open APIs allow enterprises to build communities of third-party developers around their applications and data. But many enterprises struggle to ensure developers actually use these APIs to build apps that deliver real value.

This interactive town-hall event, originally broadcast live on the Layer 7 Technologies Facebook page as part of the Tech Talk Tuesday series, discusses how enterprises can attract, engage and manage developers for their open APIs.

Guest expert Dana Crane – product Manager for Layer 7's API Portal – offers real-world strategies designed to help enterprises onboard and manage third-party developers in order to get maximum benefit from open APIs.


Viewer questions answered in this Tech Talk include:

  • What are the big challenges for acquiring developers
  • How can I make a public-facing API valuable to developers?
  • What are some strategies for managing API registration?
  • Once I have developers interested, how do I get them to the next stage: building apps?
  • How can I ensure my active developers remain engaged?
  • What needs to be included in API documentation?
  • How should API providers and developers collaborate?
  • What can you determine through looking at usage metrics?
Developer Management