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Tech Talk Tuesday: Building a Developer Ecosystem


Create an Active, Engaged Developer Community Around Your Open APIs


For open API publishers, community building is essential to engaging developers and ensuring the creation of truly valuable Web applications and mobile apps. Establishing an active, engaged community around an API helps build ongoing relationships with developers, which can lead to new business partnerships and revenue streams.

In this interactive town-hall event, originally broadcast live on the Layer 7 Technologies Facebook Page as part of the Tech Talk Tuesdays series, Layer 7 API Evangelist Alex Gaber offers his expert advice on how to build a developer ecosystem by throwing hackathons, launching developer challenges and tracking engagement metrics.


Viewer questions answered in this Tech Talk include:

  • What has better ROI – a hackathon or an online developer contest?
  • Do prizes really motivate developers? 
  • How important are developer tools, such as an API explorer?
  • How should I segment my developer ecosystem?
Tech Talk Tuesday: Building a Developer Ecosystem