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Publishing Cloud APIs


Address the Security & Management Challenges of Publishing Cloud APIs


The integration models and vendor offerings that facilitate enterprise cloud infrastructure are quite diverse but there is a common thread – the need for APIs with which these services can be managed and maintained. Once the infrastructure is in place, applications in the cloud can expose their own APIs, opening data to partners, mobile devices or other cloud technologies.

In this interactive town-hall event, originally broadcast live on the Layer 7 Technologies Facebook Page as part of the Tech Talk Tuesdays series, Layer 7 Partner Solutions Architect Jaime Ryan answers your questions about how enterprises can effectively leverage cloud APIs while addressing the security and management concerns that will inevitably arise.

Viewer questions answered in this Tech Talk include:

  • Is anyone winning the cloud API standards war?
  • Is there a difference between APIs for public and private clouds?
  • Does it really matter what cloud provider I use?
  • What is the next big thing in cloud APIs?
Publishing Cloud APIs