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SOA Governance

The Opportunity: Open & Agile Enterprise IT Infrastructure


Enterprise IT has – to a great extent – standardized on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). In a SOA-based infrastructure, applications are opened up using XML, SOAP interfaces and – increasingly – RESTful APIs. Exposing application functionality and data as reusable Web services makes it quicker and easier for enterprise architects and developers to repurpose existing IT investments. It also enables connectivity across the enterprise and out to external departments, partners, customers, developers, cloud services and mobile devices.


The Challenge: Securing & Managing SOA -Based Infrastructure


Exposing enterprise IT assets as Web services creates a range of security and management challenges. Attempting to control, monitor and adapt SOA by applying IT rules to individual services is inefficient and unsustainable. Therefore, most organizations adopt a centralized, policy-driven governance model. But without the ability to control and audit how policy gets deployed and enforced at runtime, there is no way to ensure consistent security, adherence to business rules or compliance with regulatory requirements.


The Solution: Centralized Governance with a SOA Gateway


In order to effectively apply a policy-based approach to IT governance in a SOA-style infrastructure, it is necessary to create a central point where policies can be efficiently composed, managed and enforced. This can be achieved by deploying a full-functioned, policy-driven XML/SOA/API Gateway able to secure exposed interfaces, translate between protocols and generally manage the flow of data between enterprise Web services and out to the consumers of these services.


The Layer 7 Value:  The Industry-Leading SOA Governance Solution


The Layer 7 API Management Suite includes the SecureSpan SOA Gateway, recognized by Forrester Research as a leader in the SOA Governance market. The SOA Gateway is available in hardware, virtual machine, cloud and software form factors. The API Management Suite also includes a range of components that make it simple to manage, extend and customize the SOA Gateway in order to meet highly-specific enterprise requirements. Used together, these products deliver the most complete available SOA Governance solution.

Layer 7’s products support all key SOA protocols and standards, including XML, SOAP, REST, WSDL, WS-Security and SAML.

Layer 7’s products for SOA Governance include:

  • SOA Gateway
    Delivers the bulk of the functionality necessary for a full SOA security and governance solution, including features for policy management, military-grade security, fine-grained access control and SLA enforcement.
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  • API Service Manager
    Simplifies the process of managing geographically dispersed SecureSpan SOA Gateways, giving IT operations centralized visibility into the health of Gateways and the services they proxy.
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  • Gateway API
    Provides programmatic access to the SecureSpan SOA Gateway, making it possible to use the Gateway to provision and manage policies/services associated with existing IT investments and legacy systems.
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  • Policy SDK
    Gives enterprise architects the ability to extend Layer 7's rich, out-of-the-box palette of policy assertions to customize the SOA Gateway’s functionality, accommodating specific organizational requirements.
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