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Secure Smart Grid Integration

The Opportunity: Maximizing Efficiency & Reliability with Smart Meters


Use of wireless-enabled, networked “smart devices” is growing quickly across industry sectors. The machine-to-machine (M2M) communications these devices enable are empowering enterprises to maximize the efficiency of their business operations and react more effectively to emerging challenges.

The emergence of M2M networking has been particularly significant in the energy and utilities sector, where the use of digital smart meters is becoming all-but ubiquitous. For power grid operators, this shift to a smart grid paradigm creates the promise of greatly increased efficiency, reliability and visibility.


The Problem: Secure Integration & Compliance Challenges


Any enterprise adopting the smart grid paradigm will face a range of serious integration, data transformation, security and compliance challenges. Specifically, data will need to be:

  • Routed at high speed across disparate information and application silos
  • Transformed from proprietary M2M protocols to formats used by on-premise systems
  • Secured against unauthorized access via strong, granular entitlement controls
  • Enriched or redacted to meet governance rules

The Layer 7 Solution: SecureSpan SOA Gateways


All of these challenges can be addressed by implementing Layer 7 Technologies’ award-winning SecureSpan SOA Gateway technology. SecureSpan’s policy-based SOA governance technology represents the ideal solution for efficiently routing, translating and securing high volumes of smart meter data.

The SecureSpan SOA Gateway provides everything utilities organizations need in order to:

  • Ease integration through translation of network protocols and data formats
  • Protect connectivity through access control, encryption and digital signatures
  • Optimize traffic flow with high-throughput, high-concurrency message processing
 The SecureSpan SOA Gateway can be deployed in the DMZ or inside the enterprise, as a physical appliance or a virtual machine, on-premise or in the Cloud. This flexibility means that SecureSpan can support all Gateway needs and maximize smart grid benefits for companies across the energy and utilities sector.

Use Case: Gating Smart Meter Data

Smart Grid Use Case