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Layer 7 vs. Mashery API Management

Some API Solutions are Designed for the Enterprise


Enterprises have needs distinct from start-ups – specialized requirements around scalability, security, integration, change management and reporting.

For close to a decade, Layer 7 has developed a reputation among the most demanding government, financial services, communications and technology organizations for securing, managing and governing APIs exposed to outside partners, internal and external developer communities, mobile apps and cloud services.

Layer 7’s API Management Suite is designed to deliver flexibility and choice. Available for on-premise or cloud deployment, the API Management Suite can be migrated between form factors for simplified future-proofing.


For a limited time, Layer 7 is also offering Mashery customers a low-cost replacement program. This program provides a minimum-impact means of migrating to Layer 7 for Mashery customers who are seeking greater flexibility, scale, security or deployment options. Contact Layer 7 Technologies for additional information.


Test Drive Layer 7’s API Management Suite, either on-premise or in the cloud:



The Layer 7 API Management suite differs from Mashery in several key areas:


1. API Proxy & Gateway

Layer 7 offers customers an integrated API Proxy or Gateway as part of its solution. The API Gateway provides comprehensive ability to:

  • Enforce SLA policies at scale
  • Meter traffic
  • Adapt legacy data and applications into RESTful services
  • Orchestrate interactions with external social, cloud and mobile services

Unlike Layer 7, Mashery relies on a third party to provide an API Gateway with limited integration.

In the most recent ranking of API Gateways, Layer 7 ranked highest among all vendors.


2. OAuth Toolkit & Identity Broker

Layer 7 offers the most advanced OAuth Toolkit and identity broker on the market. Ideal for layering an OAuth implementation onto existing Web SSO, SAML and LDAP, the Layer 7 OAuth Toolkit provides unmatched flexibility for implementing OAuth, a SAML STS or advanced Single Sign-On operations to external social, cloud or mobile services.


3. Service Manager

For enterprise customers, Layer 7 offers an API Service Manager, which provides a central operations dashboard and eases version management and API lifecycle across dev, test and production. Designed for customers that need to support multiple geographically dispersed development and production environments, the Layer 7 Enterprise Service Manager makes API governance and operations truly enterprise-class.


4. Developer Portal

The Layer 7 API Portal provides a simple way to manage the onboarding and engagement of developers either inside or outside the enterprise. It delivers a full facility for documenting APIs, managing the registration of developers and making it simple for developers to test APIs, collaborate with other devs and register for API plans. It can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. And unlike competing services like Mashery, the developers and developer keys always belong to the API publisher. 


The Forrester Wave:

API Management Platforms,

Q1 2013


The Forrester Wave: API Management Platforms, Q1 2013 is a report from Forrester Research, Inc. that provides a detailed evaluation of top API Management vendors, based on 15 key criteria. 

Layer 7 is named a Leader in the report and is proud to offer you a complimentary copy of this valuable document from one of the world's top analyst firms.


Download the Report