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Layer 7 vs. Apigee API Management

Layer 7’s technology is designed from the ground up with enterprises in mind. The Layer 7 API Management Suite is built to address each of the critical stakeholders in an API publishing initiative  – from API project managers and business analysts, to IT operations, to security architects and enterprise architects focused on how best to share information.

Battle tested in the most demanding environments across the public sector, telecom, media, travel, retail, finance and payment sectors the API Management Suite aims to avoid compromise in any of the core components: the API Gateway, identity solution, service manager and developer portal.

Layer 7’s API Management products differ from Apigee in terms of flexibility, security, performance and breadth. For API publishers, the same Layer 7 API platform can be used to manage partner, developer, mobile and cloud access to APIs from a single integrated console. Best of all, every Layer 7 API component is fully deployable on-premise or in the cloud – unlike Apigee, which delivers different components exclusively in specific form factors.


The best comparison is always through a real evaluation and Layer 7 encourages potential customers to take its products for a test drive, either on premise or in the cloud. For existing Apigee customers, Layer 7 also offers a replacement program aimed at providing a low-cost migration option. Contact us for details. 



Key differentiators between the Layer 7 API Management Suite and the Apigee API platform include:


API Proxy/Gateway

  • Performance
    Layer 7 API Gateways are an order of magnitude faster 
  • Legacy Support
    Layer 7 API Gateways have broad support for SOAP, along with JMS, MQ, Tibco EMS and many other middleware and application types
  • SLAs
    All throttling and queuing operations are cluster-wide using exact counters
  • Optimization
    Layer 7 offers unequaled caching, compression and data conversion options for faster, lower latency delivery of content over APIs
  • Streaming APIs
    Layer 7 API Gateways also support steaming API protocols like WebSocket and XMPP



OAuth Toolkit/Identity Broker

  • OAuth
    Two- and three-legged 1.0a and 2.0 support; can act as a resource server and/or an authorization server
  • SAML
    Full onboard SAML STS for federation and credential translation features
  • OpenID Connect
    Ready-to-go implementation
  • Web SSO Integration
    Out-of-the box support for CA SiteMinder, Oracle Access Manager, IBM Tivoli, Ping, RSA Access Manager, OpenSSO etc.
  • Cloud & Social SSO
    Full external SSO and user provisioning for services like Salesforce



API Service Manager

  • API Version Management
    No Apigee equivalent
  • Policy Lifecycle Management
    No Apigee equivalent
  • Staging
    No Apigee equivalent
  • RBAC-Based Administration
    No Apigee equivalent
  • Datacenter Migration
    No Apigee equivalent



Developer Portal

  • On-Premise Option
    No Apigee equivalent
  • Privacy Controls
    Full privacy controls for docs and social features
  • LDAP Support
    Integration with enterprise LDAP for admin roles
  • Analytics
    More analytics customizations
  • Sandbox
    Functionality for giving publishers the ability to provide sandbox accounts
  • Endpoint Changes
    Easy to make changes to end-points through configuration



The Forrester Wave:

API Management Platforms,

Q1 2013


The Forrester Wave: API Management Platforms, Q1 2013 is a report from Forrester Research, Inc. that provides a detailed evaluation of top API Management vendors, based on 15 key criteria. 

Layer 7 is named a Leader in the report and is proud to offer you a complimentary copy of this valuable document from one of the world's top analyst firms.


Download the Report