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Enterprise Mobile Access & BYOD

Increase employee productivity and create IT cost savings

The Opportunity: Increased Employee Productivity & IT Cost Savings


Enterprises across industry sectors are finding that an increasingly significant number of their employees want to use personal mobile devices for business purposes. This “bring-your-own-device” (BYOD) movement opens up opportunities beyond employee satisfaction:

  • Increased productivity through task-specific apps and services
  • Lowered costs through paperwork reduction and workstation optimization
  • New revenue opportunities through mixed employee and consumer experience

The Challenge: Secure, Manageable Deployment


However, this wave of mobile migration also brings a number of legitimate areas of concern for supporting IT organizations:

  • New security vulnerabilities created by mixing personal and business data usage
  • Possible infrastructure cost overrun due to increased data processing and transmission
  • Increased expenses and missed opportunities resulting from lack of staff expertise in mobile technologies

The enterprises that benefit most from this transformative phase of technology will be the ones that can quickly exploit the new benefits of mobile access and successfully address the concerns that arise from bringing mobile technology into the workplace.


The Solution: A Mobile Access Gateway for Enterprise APIs


The most effective way to achieve this is through leveraging those IT assets that best align with the enterprise’s security policies, SLAs and skills – and that most efficiently enable operational and financial gains through BYOD mobile access. Network-accessible APIs encapsulate core business functions that can be used by mobile apps to achieve these benefits. A Mobile Access Gateway for proxying APIs provides the security enforcement, traffic management and developer tooling that connects apps to APIs and manages all the associated risks.


The Layer 7 Value: Rapid, Secure Mobile Access with Proven SLAs


Layer 7 is the leading enterprise integration Gateway technology in the industry today. Layer 7’s API Management Suite of products is uniquely placed to address both the functional requirements for enterprise mobile access and the non-functional needs of enterprise IT:

  • SecureSpan API Proxy – For securing, adapting and metering access to enterprise APIs
  • API Portal – For on‐boarding and managing internal or external mobile app developers
  • API Service Manager – For managing the enterprise API lifecycle
  • OAuth Toolkit – For simplifying  implementation and integration of OAuth-based access

By using the Layer 7 API Management Suite to create a Mobile Access Gateway for enterprise APIs, companies can rapidly enable their employees to use mobile devices for core business functions, leading to improved productivity, reduced costs and higher job satisfaction.


EBook:Enterprise on the Go – 5 Essentials for BYOD & Mobile Enablement


Securely leverage enterprise information assets to create custom mobile apps

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