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Ecommerce & Payments

The Opportunity: Delivering Personalized & Convenient Retail Experiences


For retailers – whether ecommerce or brick-and-mortar – Web and mobile technologies present remarkable new ways to engage buyers and facilitate payments. By leveraging mobile apps, social networks, big data, enhanced identity information and online payment systems, retailers are revolutionizing the way we shop. Increasingly, they are competing to see who can provide customers with the most immersive, personalized retail experiences and the most convenient anytime-anywhere payment options.


The Challenge: Achieving Secure Integration Across Retail Channels


Creating the kinds of omni-channel shopping experiences that drive sales and customer loyalty in the app age requires retailers to coordinate a complex web of data and application functionality – and do so without compromising the security of their IT systems or their customers’ personal information. Specifically, retailers need ways to:

  • Integrate ecommerce interfaces with affiliates, social networks, apps, ad services etc.
  • Resolve and reconcile customer data gathered from across these channels
  • Use this information to a build detailed profiles of each customer
  • Deliver context-specific content, loyalty rewards and promotions to customers
  • Enable maximally-convenient, secure and reliable online and mobile payment options

The Solution: Secure, Manageable Exposure of Commerce & Payment APIs


Application programming interfaces (APIs) represent the key to the kind of cross-channel integration necessary for truly effective Web and mobile commerce. APIs open data and application functionality from on-premise IT systems for reuse across Web applications, mobile apps, social networks and beyond. Exposing information assets via APIs creates its own set of unique challenges around API composition, IT security, protocol translation and performance management. Secure, manageable exposure of APIs requires the deployment of a full-functioned API Management solution, able to address all these challenges.

The Layer 7 API Management Suite provides all the API creation, integration and orchestration features needed for the type of API-based integrations that enable context-aware, omni-channel retail. Furthermore, Layer 7’s industry-leading API Gateway technology is fully PCI-DSS-compliant and delivers functionality necessary to ensuring that payment transactions are appropriately secured and – when necessary – encrypted, with additional data validation and verification controls in place to guarantee transactional integrity.


The Layer 7 Value: API Management for Secure Omni-Channel Commerce


The Layer 7 API Management Suite gives retailers and ecommerce providers an advanced API platform for creating omni-channel retail experiences built upon enhanced identity- and context-driven interactions. Features include:

  • API adaptation of retailer content and commerce functions
  • API-level integration with cloud/Web/social/mobile services 
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) and identity federation across online channels
  • Logic for building an enhanced “buyer profile”
  • Context-sensitive content routing and API orchestrations
  • API Portal for helping developers discover and consume APIs

Additionally, Layer 7’s API Gateway technology delivers scalable API infrastructure for a variety of payment products. Key benefits for online and mobile payments include:

  • PCI-DSS compliance for data security and end-to-end transport encryption
  • Advanced OAuth tools to enable context-based authorization and broker cloud-based payment credentials
  • Data validation and verification to ensure transactional integrity

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