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DataPower Replacement Program

In recent years, establishing SOA-based connectivity has remained a high priority for enterprise IT. However, with increasing adoption of open APIs, mobile apps and cloud services, the SOA needs of enterprises are evolving quickly. Enterprises need to support legacy SOA systems and protocols while transitioning to new technologies like OAuth, REST and JSON.


The Limits of DataPower


IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances are unable to economically and efficiently provide the mixture of old and new SOA technologies required by the hybrid enterprise. Users often need to include additional IBM products focused on mobile and cloud to support use cases that go beyond conventional SOA.

Clearly DataPower customers face significant difficulties when trying to leverage IBM technology to enable hybrid enterprise architecture. These difficulties are increased by the fact that DataPower appliances are available only in hardware format and IBM requires its customers to purchase entirely new appliances when their existing units reach end-of-life.


The Layer 7 Advantage


Hybrid Connectivity from a Single Platform

Layer 7 gives DataPower customers a more flexible, cost-effective alternative designed to meet the current and future needs of diversifying enterprise architectures. Layer 7’s industry-leading Gateway technology delivers a single platform capable of supporting the complete range of SOA, API, mobile and cloud initiatives.


Form Factor Freedom

Layer 7 does not lock customers into a single form factor. Layer 7 Gateways are deployable in hardware, software and virtual machine formats or as cloud-resident instances on IaaS platforms like Amazon Web Services and VMware vCloud. Customers are free to move licenses across physical, software, virtual and cloud implementations, based on their evolving requirements.


Award-Winning Gateway Technology

Ranked highest among all vendors in the 2011 Forrester Wave for SOA Application Gateways, Layer 7 is the only SOA/API Gateway technology to have been named a 2011 Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader. Layer 7 is used by over 250 leading organizations worldwide, including Cisco, Adobe, Best Buy and multiple departments of the US federal government.


The DataPower Replacement Program

Layer 7’s DataPower Replacement Program ensures a seamless, cost-effective migration from DataPower by delivering:

  • Discounted Appliances:
    Offered in hardware and virtual appliance formats
  • Implementation Services:
    Including training and migration of existing configurations/polices

Layer 7 Technologies offers a deep understanding of DataPower customers’ migration needs. Layer 7’s staff includes over two dozen former IBM DataPower sales and technology leaders.

To learn more, email info@layer7.com.


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DataPower Replacement 

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