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Cloud Access Solutions Overview

Solutions That Simplify Secure Integration to & from the Cloud


Enterprises are building hybrid cloud infrastructures that bridge on-premise data and applications with external SaaS and IaaS services. Layer 7’s API Gateways with cloud connectors make it easy for enterprises to open up internal information assets to external cloud applications and infrastructure. 

Addressing both cloud Single Sign-On (SSO), integration and usage tracking, Layer 7’s all-in-one connectivity solutions make it simple for enterprises to open up to the cloud, whether to consume outside applications, burst to a public cloud or deliver new composite Web and mobile solutions. 


Layer 7’s API solutions for cloud:

  • Simplify SSO and federation to cloud services
  • Protect enterprise and cloud-hosted applications against attack
  • Streamline integrations between on-premise applications like SAP and cloud services like Salesforce
  • Optimize data usage to and from cloud 
  • Facilitate simplified orchestration and composite service creation across multiple clouds and datacenters

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