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Cloud Brokerage & Integration

The Problem: Integrating with Cloud Services

Organizations are embracing the cloud. They are adopting SaaS-based applications like Salesforce.com and backing up data to external IaaS platforms. They’re also subscribing to hosted cloud platforms like Amazon and Terremark; transforming their own datacenters into private clouds; and then merging the two using hybrid cloud technologies. As organizations move more data and applications to the cloud, they’ve begun to realize capital cost savings and greater IT flexibility, but they’re also discovering a new challenge: integration.

The cloud’s cost and complexity reduction bring with them a new set of information integration challenges. As more information is moved into the cloud, organizations are facing a migration of their corporate information into disconnected silos. Without some kind of secure, robust integration solution, these organizations will lose the data fidelity and accuracy they currently take for granted.


The Solution: Secure Integration Across Public Networks

Integrating enterprise applications with cloud-based services can be difficult. Organizations need to deal with identity, data reconciliation, protocol translation and verification across a public or shared network. While there are point solutions that can simplify integration; identity and access management infrastructure that can be extended to provide Single-Sign On (SSO) for the cloud; and application and data security solutions offered by technology vendors and cloud providers alike, tying them all together – and then implementing the resulting solution for multiple cloud services – is a complex and expensive undertaking.

While a best-of-breed approach will be right for some enterprises, other organizations would do well to seek a single, multifaceted solution that can be centrally implemented, monitored and controlled for all their cloud services.


The Layer 7 Value: Security, Identity & Integration in a Single Device

The Layer 7 CloudSpan CloudConnect gateway is an on-premise solution to the cloud integration challenge, delivering security, identity, visibility and application integration in a single device.

Using CloudSpan CloudConnect, organizations can leverage their in-house identity infrastructure to securely access cloud-based services, including SaaS applications, PaaS stacks and IaaS-based storage. They can utilize the service-based integration capabilities of applications like Salesforce’s Force.com platform to create secure enterprise-to-cloud integration. And they can mediate and monitor information flows between their internal infrastructure and external cloud services.

In this way, organizations can securely allow cloud-based services to call back into the enterprise in order to ensure their systems of record are always up to date.