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Cisco ACE XML Gateway Replacement Program

Cisco ACE XML Gateway owners looking to move from a leader of Network appliances to a leader in SOA appliances now have a safe choice: Layer 7. A customer-proven migration path from the Cisco ACE XML Gateway to the Layer 7 SOA Gateway eliminates the risk of moving to a new hardware platform. And with SecureSpan available in a number of form factors, including hardware, software, VMware and Amazon Machine Image, replacement costs can be managed to meet any budget and environment, including development, test, production and the cloud. Layer 7 offers:

  •  A straightforward migration path between hardware platforms
  • Replacement XML Gateways at a variety of price points, depending on form factor
  • XML Gateway leadership

For a limited time, those Cisco ACE XML Gateway customers that take advantage of the Replacement Program to swap their existing appliances for equivalent Layer 7 API Gateways will be able to engage our Professional Services team to perform migration of their Cisco policies to Layer 7 policies at no cost (certain restrictions apply).

For more information on the Cisco ACE XML Gateway Replacement Program, please contact us.

Layer 7 Advantages:

SecureSpan Advantages Over Cisco ACE Gateway - Layer 7 Technologies