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Layer 7 API Portal Training Course

Expert Training on the API Portal & Other Layer 7 API Management Products


The Layer 7 API Portal makes it simple for an enterprise to deploy a customized portal for onboarding, educating and managing developers building Web and mobile applications against that enterprise’s APIs. As such, it is a core component of the Layer 7 Technologies API Management Suite, which also includes the SecureSpan API Proxy and OAuth Toolkit.

In addition to the SecureSpan API Proxy Training Course, Layer 7 offers a supplementary API Portal Training Course providing instruction on other elements of the API Management Suite. This course primarily focuses on developer management with the API Portal but it covers all aspects of API management, including access control with the OAuth Toolkit.


Key topics covered by the Layer 7 API Portal Training Course include:

  • API Portal Installation
  • Portal customization
  • Portal use cases
  • API publisher features
  • App developer features
  • OAuth basics
  • The Layer 7 OAuth Toolkit
  • OAuth use cases

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