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Policy SDK

Extend the rich palette of SecureSpan policy assertions

Extend Layer 7 API Gateways with a Programmable Developer Kit


The Custom Policy Assertion SDK gives developers the ability to extend Layer 7's rich, out-of-the-box palette of policy assertions in order to customize a Gateway’s functionality, to accommodate specific requirements.

Custom assertions can be created for:

  • Proprietary message processing, pattern recognition and filtering
  • Interfacing to third-party products, such as identity management infrastructures, network monitoring applications and anti-virus systems

All this is possible without the need for an application server to run the custom code.

Using Java, programmers can create a Layer 7-compatible .jar file that includes all the required code and/or interfaces to third-party APIs. Uploading the .jar file to a Gateway makes it available for use within the policy editor and composer, as a policy assertion, which can then be incorporated into both new policies and existing polices, as required.

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