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VMware vCloud API Abstraction

Simplify Integration with vCloud APIs


VMware's vCloud platform lets enterprises and service providers run, secure and manage applications in private, public or hybrid clouds. The vCloud platform provides a complete infrastructure for a dynamic, elastic cloud environment. A set of APIs are provided, allowing users to programmatically extend vCloud’s provisioning and management controls.

Layer 7’s SecureSpan API Proxy features API abstraction and control capabilities that simplify integration of the vCloud APIs into the end-user’s automation framework. Layer 7’s award-winning API Gateway technology delivers protection, abstraction and metering capabilities for vCloud APIs via a configurable API Proxy and policy control point for accessing the APIs.


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Solution Brief: 
Layer 7 API Management for VMware vCloud

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The SecureSpan API Proxy’s intuitive drag-and-drop policy builder makes it simple to create and enforce API policies that provide for:

  • Abstraction and masking of APIs
  • Composition/orchestration to create new APIs
  • Live dashboard monitoring of API usage
  • Versioning of REST and SOAP APIs (beyond vCloud basic versioning)
  • Mapping between SOAP and REST
  • Transformation of any GET, POST, DELETE and PUT content
  • Authentication (HTTP basic, digest, SSL, SAML, Kerberos, X.509 certs, OAuth etc.)
  • Cloud Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Throttling of access to APIs
  • Fine-grained authorization for individual APIs
  • Validation of XML structures (such as OVF containers)
  • Threat detection, including threats embedded in XML OVF files
  • Automatic fail-over between hosts
  • JSON schema validation
  • Management of federated relationships
  • Fully-customizable audit