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API Portal

Onboard & Manage Developers


To get maximum value from their APIs, enterprises need ways to attract, onboard and manage developers. The Layer 7 API Portal delivers a complete, secure platform for developer onboarding, engagement and management.


Developer Onboarding

Layer 7’s API Portal helps enterprises get their APIs in front of developers, quickly. It provides a Web-based developer portal through which developers can:

  • Discover what APIs are available 
  • Test the functionality of APIs
  • Learn best practices from other developers
  • Self-enroll to publisher-defined API account plans 
  • Obtain API keys

Developer Enablement

The API Portal can be used to manage both external and internal developers. It gives publishers simple ways to: 

  • Document APIs
  • Stimulate developer communities (e.g. by creating forums)
  • Test the functionality of APIs through an integrated API explorer
  • Provide developers with visibility into their API usage, activity and ranking relative to other developers

Developer Monetization

Additionally, the API Portal empowers API publishers to:

  • Compare developers
  • Define service plans 
  • Collect usage metrics (for insight into performance and for billing purposes) 

Lightweight or Integrated Deployment Options

  • Basic API policies and lifecycle operations to be controlled from within the API Portal itself. More advanced policies can be pulled dynamically from any Layer 7 API Gateway. 
  • The API Portal ships with an integrated content management system (CMS) for easy customization and corporate skinning.
  • Cloud and on-premise deployments are available.
  • The API Portal is also available pre-integrated with Layer 7’s API Proxy and API Service Manager. This API Portal Suite delivers a full API Management solution.





API documentation templates and out-of the-box developer resources (such as forums, the API Explorer etc.) simplify creation of the Portal.

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API Publisher

The API Publisher: associates exposed APIs with available service levels; makes it possible to define APIs as either private or public; automatically creates an entry in the API Explorer.

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API Explorer

Expose live API endpoints, so registered developers can interactively explore and discover how an API works.

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Developer Registration

Gate developer account and application registration in order to understand who is building what kinds of applications against which APIs, before granting API keys.

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Graph and compare API, application and developer performance in order to understand who to reward, where to invest and which elements may need troubleshooting.

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Manage API Developers in House


Publish any number of APIs at no extra cost. Issue, manage and revoke your API keys or security tokens without the need to involve a third-party service that is out of your control.


Ensure Security & Compliance


Deploy enterprise-strength security and access controls and address key compliance concerns (such as PCI-DSS) via pre-integration with a Layer 7 API Gateway.


Extend Market Reach


Pull in partner, affiliate and referrer traffic via APIs or allow these parties to embed your services and content within their own online properties.


Grow Revenues


Support API business models such as “internal chargeback,” “monthly subscription” and “pay per-use”.


Understand API Usage


Deliver comprehensive API reports to internal and third-party developers, as well as to API owners, security officers and other key stakeholders within your organization.


Minimize Time to Market


Rapidly provide developers with API documentation, discussion forums, support, developer resources and more.


Create Tiered Account Plans


Automatically grant each developer API access rights based on their assigned account plan.


Manage APIs


Create a service level for each API, assigning rate limits, pricing, SLA criteria and more in order to match your business goals.


Streamline Application Creation


Allow developers to add groups of APIs to their applications with a single click.


Manage API Keys


Define API keys to fit your security requirements, then manage and distribute these keys from a secure, on-premise device.

Developer Community

Publish APIs from Portal
  • Allow DevOps to publish APIs to the API Gateway directly from the Portal
  • Developer organization sign-up
  • Application registration
  • API Usage (allows developers to track and meter their API hits, latency etc. to measure usage against quotas)
  • Application Usage (allows developers to answer the question
    “Which of my applications is most popular?”)
  • Response Times (allows developers to answer the question
    “What is my user experience like?")
  • Availability (allows developers to answer the question
    “Is my SLA being adhered to?”)
& Resources
  • API Explorer and versioned interactive documentation to help developers discover and quickly understand how to use APIs
  • Sample applications, code widgets/examples, sample requests/response pairs and other resources to help developers speed the creation of applications
  • Forums to foster community among developers
  • Integrated messaging, FAQs, issue resolution etc.
Client-Side Code
  • Automatically generate client-side code in most popular programming languages, including JavaScript, node.js, Python, Ruby, PHP, Objective C, Java and Curl
API Key Management
  • Assign an API key to each developer application
  • Gate, assign, suspend and revoke API keys and OAuth secrets for each developer application

Content Management System

Style Sheets
  • Support for global, partial and per-section CSS
  • Ability to insert custom code on every page (e.g. for Google Analytics)
  • Functionality for interactive and dynamic content via JavaScript
Content Management
  • Create, edit, publish and roll back Portal content
  • Programmatically migrate content from development to test to production
  • Create and modify menus
  • View key information at a glance
  • Define a personalized default dashboard for each user
Custom Fields
  • Create custom fields to capture more personal and application-related information when a developer registers for an account or requests a new API key

Business Management

Account Plans
  • Stratify developers into tiers (e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze)
  • Define tiers by assigning features (e.g. support plans, cost per-month)
  • Define quotas per tier to differentiate between tiers and even to charge for greater access 
API Plans
  • Define unique and/or standard plans for each API
  • Define SLAs, pricing, rate limits and other features for each API plan
  • Create ad hoc grouping of APIs (public or private)
  • Associate a package of APIs/API groups with an account plan
API Analytics
  • Summary reports: API Usage, Developer Usage, Utilization Rates etc.
  • Detailed reports: API Methods, Latency, Error Rates, Availability etc.
  • Ranked reports: Data on the most valuable developers, APIs and applications
  • Send alerts based on API utilization rates, latency, errors etc.
API Owner Groups
  • Allow each business unit to manage its own APIs, independent of other units