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Layer 7 Identity Management Products Overview

Provide Seamless, Secure Access to API-Based Resources


Layer 7s Identity Management products simplify the process of applying industry-standard identity and access management (IAM) technologies to apps and services that use APIs to access backend enterprise IT systems. Layer 7's products make it simple to use key standards like OAuth and SAML to implement API access control, Single Sign-On (SSO) and social login.

Layer 7 simplifies implementation of key IAM technologies, which will prove crucial to the success of any enterprise API program by making it possible to:

  • Prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing sensitive backend IT assets
  • Provide authorized users with seamless access to valuable data and functionality

Key Identity & Access Functionality for Enterprise APIs


Layer 7 offers two core technology components that cover a wide range of identity and access use cases for enterprise APIs:

  • OAuth Toolkit
    A complete OAuth implementation that leverages the Layer 7 API Gateway technology to enable both resource servers and authorization servers, including a set of configurable policy templates covering key OAuth use cases
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  • Security Token Service
    A SAML-based Security Token Service that leverages the API Gateway Technology to perform general token mappings, generation of custom attribute-based tokens and a range of OAuth token operations in combination with the OAuth Toolkit
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For advanced mobile use cases, Layer 7’s Mobile Access Gateway includes an SDK that simplifies implementation of Single Sign-On to enterprise-level apps.



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5 OAuth Essentials for API Access Control

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Layer 7 OAuth Toolkit

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