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API Service Manager

Simplify API, Service & Gateway Management Across Datacenters & the Cloud


The Layer 7 API Service Manager simplifies the process of managing a Layer 7 API Gateway landscape spread across geographies and datacenters. The API Service Manager gives IT operations centralized visibility into the health of Layer 7 Gateways and the APIs/services these Gateways proxy. Using the API Service Manager, administrators can:

  • More easily promote services from development to test to production
  • Ensure consistent policy configurations globally 
  • Track service and infrastructure health/performance

The Layer 7 API Service Manager provides configurable dashboarding and reporting for a host of operations-level and services-level KPIs, delivering at-a-glance insight into the usage and quality of APIs and services. The API Service Manager also provides health visibility across physical, virtual and cloud-based Layer 7 Gateways, making it possible to govern the enforcement and migration of API, SOA and cloud services across the distributed enterprise. The Service Manager additionally provides simple integration with a variety or enterprise-level business intelligence, reporting and event correlation tools, for deeper analytics and insight.

Key capabilities of the Layer 7 API Service Manager include:

  • Gateway performance metrics and health status reporting
  • Global visibility across distributed SOA, API and cloud services
  • Activity reporting based on service, operation, user or custom parameter
  • Policy migration across dev, test, production and disaster recovery
  • Service versioning and lifecycle
  • Cross-cluster configuration management



Performance Summary Report

Built-in reporting helps administrators analyze and troubleshoot performance by application, operation or customer


User Roles

Rich Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) can be tailored to extend control based on organizational repsonibility


Policy Migration

Advanced intelligent policy migration helps manages API lifecycles while resolving locale-specific dependencies



The monitoring dashboard provides a global view of low-level Gateway performance with configurable alerting



Gateway infrastructure can be visually organized to reflect datacenter, network or other corporate boundaries


Gateway Management Across the Enterprise & Cloud


The API Service Manager provides Layer 7 customers with a fully integrated, centralized, operations console from which administrators can gain a single view into the health and performance of all their Layer 7 API Gateways and associated APIs/services, dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of managing enterprise-scale deployments.


Dramatically Reduced Service Migration Risk


Implementing/updating services across the extended enterprise is complicated by differences in network and identity topology in each environment. With the Layer 7 API Service Manager, administrators can automatically resolve network and identity conflicts by simply dragging and dropping service policies:

  • Across development, test and production environments 
  • Among geographical locations 
  • Between the enterprise and the cloud

Global Services Visibility


The Layer 7 API Service Manager empowers the enterprise to gain a configurable, API-extensible and centralized dashboard for reporting on service performance and KPI achievement.

Gateway Management

Operations Console
  • Single, real-time view of all Gateways across the enterprise and cloud, showing audits, events and key metrics
Reporting & Analysis
  • Configurable, out-of-the-box reports providing insight into Gateway operations, service-level performance and user experience
Customer Mapping
  • Reports on service performance, policy violations and SLA conformance to build a profile of the actual enterprise/cloud user experience
  • Insight into the health of the Gateway infrastructure and associated services, with proactive monitoring for exceptions

Policy Governance

Policy Migration
  • Centrally move policies and policy fragments between Gateways located in different environments, settings or geographies
Dependency Resolution
  • Get information on discrepancies between environments in order to resolve the differences and save the mappings for subsequent use
Policy Organization
  • Create views of policies by business function or Gateway infrastructure to reflect the way your business works

Remote Management

API Access
  • Use remote management APIs to integrate existing, third-party management tools into the Gateway
Remote Troubleshooting
  • Remotely access logs and audit files on any Gateway/cluster in order to identify and trace issues
Centralized Operational Control
  • Leverage policy migration capabilities to quickly “clone” multiple policies between Gateways in order to support fail-over and disaster recovery