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API Management for VMware vCloud Architectures

Achieve abstraction, security and management of vCloud APIs

Achieve abstraction, security and management of vCloud APIs


Exposing vCloud APIs enables valuable automation and management of application infrastructure in a public, private or hybrid Cloud. However, exposing such direct control over the platform upon which applications are built also raises security, management and operational considerations.

Layer 7 Technologies has partnered with VMware to provide a solution for securing and managing vCloud APIs hosted by Virtual Cloud Director (vCD). Layer 7’s SecureSpan API Gateway enables decoupling of common aspects of security and management from APIs into a dedicated API Gateway that can be deployed as a virtual appliance in the vCloud platform.

The use of an API Gateway promotes consistent application of access, security and SLA policies across all vCD APIs plus accurate lifecycle management and governance of the APIs themselves. SecureSpan sits as a proxy between the vCD APIs and API consumers, providing a layer of abstraction, mediation and control, which simplifies management for the API publisher.