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Tech Talk Tuesday: Caching & API Optimization

Optimize the delivery and performance of open APIs

Optimize the delivery and performance of open APIs


For enterprises, exposing internal information and application functionality via open APIs can introduce significant performance challenges. In particular, these organizations need ways to ensure that the exposed features and data are reliably available to developers and the applications they build.

In this interactive town-hall event, originally broadcast live on the Layer 7 Technologies Facebook page as part of the Tech Talk Tuesday series, Geoff Duck (a Senior Developer at Layer 7) discusses how open API publishers can use techniques like caching to optimize the delivery and performance of their APIs.


Viewer questions answered in this Tech Talk include:

  • What are the basic API optimization concepts that I should be aware of?
  • How do I know what data to cache?
  • What is the best caching strategy for cloud environments?
  • Should I cache data early in my policy-design phase?
  • Can application content be cached as well?
  • Is it advisable to cache REST responses in order to scale?
  • What aspects of API performance can be metered?
  • How can I execute load testing to ensure performance is meeting requirements?