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SecureSpan Gateways for Insurance

Securely extend SOA to insurance resellers and customers

Securely extend SOA to insurance resellers and customers


In the insurance industry, facilitating business relationships with partners is fundamental to growing revenues. Extending an in-house SOA in order to give resellers access to on-premise systems and applications is a highly effective way of reducing barriers to doing business with partners. However, this inevitably raises concerns around data security and confidentiality.

Layer 7 SecureSpan SOA Gateway has been deployed at a number of Fortune 500 insurance companies. The Gateway addresses these companies’ security and privacy concerns by:

  • Gating user access according to entitlements
  • Securing communications between external users and backend systems

The SecureSpan SOA Gateway also makes it possible to securely incorporate an online customer portal into an in-house SOA. In this way, an insurance company can create an online portal that is highly responsive to customer needs, while ensuring that backend systems and sensitive data remain protected.