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Layer 7 for REST Security

Ensure standards-based security for Web-oriented architectures

Ensure standards-based security for Web-oriented architectures


Representational State Transfer (REST) provides a lightweight approach to exposing APIs as a key component of Web-Oriented Architectures. Developers appreciate the fact that REST provides a relatively quick and easy way to instantiate Web services but most also recognize that REST lacks a well-articulated security model. Layer 7’s SecureSpan Gateways empower these developers to implement standards-based security for RESTful Web services.

SecureSpan Gateways provide key functionality for:

  • Identity-level security
  • Message-level security
  • Threat protection
  • Traffic management

This functionality makes it possible to:

  • Authenticate/authorize RESTful requesters in a uniform manner
  • Integrate RESTful Web services with existing IAM infrastructure
  • Monitor and audit access to RESTful Web services
  • Enforce service levels and quotas for RESTful Web services