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API Security with Layer 7 & CA SiteMinder

Unify security across Web, API, mobile and cloud

Unify security across Web, API, mobile and cloud


CA Layer 7 provides the industry’s leading API security and management platform. The CA Layer 7 API Security & Management Suite empowers organizations to securely expose existing resources to mobile apps and cloud services via APIs. CA Layer 7’s technology:

  • Leverages existing application investments through protocol adaptation 
  • Protects against external threats and inappropriate access 
  • Reaches new markets and developer networks through an API developer portal

Many enterprises have made investments in identity management solutions that represent internal or Web-based identities for secure Single Sign-On (SSO). CA SiteMinder provides the secure, Internet-scale SSO and Web access management that organizations need in order to authenticate users and authorize access to Web applications/portals. It enables the secure delivery of essential information and applications to enterprise employees, partners, suppliers and customers, via secure SSO.

The combination of Layer 7 and CA SiteMinder enables an identity-centric API security and management infrastructure for powerful mobile and cloud initiatives. Common use cases for this integration include:

  • Creating a unified security view across Web, API, mobile and cloud, using an existing SiteMinder framework
  • Exposing OAuth for mobile apps, bridging user tokens to SiteMinder identity tokens and delegating authorization