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US Army Accessions Command - Managing the Service Lifecycle

Creating agile recruitment through SOA and API publication

Creating agile recruitment through SOA and API publication


The US Army Accessions Command (USAAC) was established in 2002 to provide integrated control of recruiting and initial training for the Army's officer, warrant officer and enlisted forces. In order to support field recruiters, USAAC created a custom CRM system for managing information on potential candidates and maintaining internal department data.


The Business Challenge
Driven by post-911 information sharing initiatives, USAAC re-architected its CRM system into more than 100 components and 60 major services. It quickly became clear how expensive it would be to secure and manage a system with so many parts. Struggling to keep up with the maintenance of existing services, USAAC went looking for a way to manage the service lifecycle.


The Solution
Layer 7’s SecureSpan XML Gateway, allowed USAAC to centralize service security, management and lifecycle. Changes can now be made centrally in a policy-driven manner – not individually to each service. Additionally, SecureSpan’s API publishing features make it possible to govern the way CRM services are exposed outside the organization.


The Results
By delivering a central point for managing and publishing services, SecureSpan has allowed USAAC to lower maintenance costs and efficiently deliver new services via the Web and mobile devices. Because of the Gateway’s high-level, out-of-the-box security certifications, USAAC was also able to make significant time and cost savings deploying the solution.