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University of Chicago Medical Center - Data Transformation & Security

Improving patient care and medical research through SOA

Improving patient care and medical research through SOA


The University of Chicago Medical Center (UCMC) offers the full range of care services and acts as the training center for the Pritzker School of Medicine, one of the premier medical schools in the US. The Biomedical IT group at UCMC provides IT services for both the Hospital-based clinical faculty and University-based research faculty.


The Business Challenge
The IT group was tasked with finding ways to make the Center’s services run more efficiently while streamlining the delivery of research data from those services. The group faced a three-month timeline for delivery of the first clinical solution (to the Center’s mammography service), a six-month timeline for the research data solution and significant budget constraints.


The Solution
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) was identified as a technology that would save time and money by allowing the reuse of project infrastructure across both deployments. Layer 7’s SecureSpan Gateway was installed to facilitate SOA security and data transformation. The Layer 7 XML VPN Client was used to speed deployment by efficiently negotiating SOA policy.


The Results
UCMC was able to deliver the initial projects on time and within budget. The mammography service measurably increased quality of care by decreasing wait times. Meanwhile, the time needed to make patient records available for research has dramatically decreased and error rates have dropped by 30-40%, providing researchers with far more accurate data.