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National Ministry of Health - SOA Security

Securely sharing medical records through SOA

Securely sharing medical records through SOA


This National Ministry of Health is responsible for the accessibility and quality of public healthcare and welfare. In its efforts to control costs, the Ministry was seeking a way to create a central point of access for all care givers and patient records. With over 15 million citizens in the system, creating this central point of access posed a significant challenge.


The Business Challenge
Building a centralized database within the Ministry’s time and budget limitations was not feasible. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) presented a possible solution. However, any SOA solution would need to address patient privacy concerns created by the ability to share records across the organization’s entire network.


The Solution
The Ministry deployed a SecureSpan SOA Gateway to act as a broker between the various databases across its network – allowing users to securely assemble a complete picture of each patient.  Every user is issued a smart card, which automates the digital signing of requests. Swiping the card initiates a token-based logon to the SecureSpan Gateway.


The Results
The decentralized, SOA-based solution has delivered a number of benefits:

  • On-time, within-budget implementation plus ongoing cost reductions
  • Improvements to quality of service through the reduction of manual errors
  • Efficient data sharing, without compromising patient record privacy