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Leading Global Publisher - API Orchestration

Securing, managing and orchestrating APIs

Securing, managing and orchestrating APIs


This leading publisher of science and health information gives customers access to scientific publications, medical journals, legal libraries and newspaper/magazine archives. With customers increasingly wanting to embed content into their workflows, the publisher identified an opportunity to create new revenue streams by exposing information services publicly.


The Business Challenge
The need to expose these services via APIs created a number of IT and security challenges for the organization, specifically related to:

  • Manageability and performance issues created by API personalization and versioning
  • Increased risk of cyber attack created by granting direct access to information services

The Solution
Layer 7’s CloudSpan CloudControl Gateway was adopted because it allowed the publisher to:

  • Efficiently and cost-effectively implement the solution via policy rather than code
  • Orchestrate multiple information services while metering and limiting service usage
  • Translate between incoming REST-based queries and SOAP-based backend services

The Results
The CloudSpan-based solution has provided the publisher’s customers with richer, more complete data, faster. Customers are now better able to directly integrate their information service subscriptions within their own processes, streamlining research and improving efficiency. As a result, customer satisfaction and retention rates are expected to improve.