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Fortune 500 Financial Services Provider - Salesforce Integration

Creating secure integration and Single Sign-On for Salesforce.com

Creating secure integration and Single Sign-On for Salesforce.com


This US-based Fortune 500 financial services provider has more than 2.5 million customers and 2,500 financial representatives. Recently, one of the key systems enabling the company to ensure continued growth has been Salesforce.com, the industry-leading system for Web-based customer relationship management (CRM).


The Business Challenge
Adopting Saleforce raised concerns for the financial services provider, as a Web-based CRM seemed to require sensitive customer data and user passwords to leave the enterprise. The company was also concerned that user adoption rates would be impacted if the new system was markedly different from its existing custom-built CRM.


The Solution
The CloudConnect Gateway provided all the security, integration, identity and auditing features the company needed to address these concerns and meet the strict regulatory requirements of its industry. CloudConnect made it possible to securely synchronize desktop functionality and on-premise data with Salesforce, while ensuring no passwords left the enterprise.


The Results
The company has been able to smoothly, securely transition to Salesforce and leverage the benefits of this powerful, user-friendly CRM. Single Sign-On functionality has ensured that users only need to manage a single login, improving adoption rates. This functionality has also made it easier for administrators to manage user IDs and passwords, lowering maintenance costs.