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Fortune 250 Insurer - SOA Mediation & Governance

Creating comprehensive SOA governance with a SOA mediation device

Creating comprehensive SOA governance with a SOA mediation device


Thousands of businesses count on this Fortune 250 insurance company, one of the world's leading employee benefits providers, to help with:

  • Building robust benefits packages
  • Providing absence management services

The Business Challenge
With a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) in place but with no formal SOA governance system implemented, the insurer was facing challenges with:

  • Negotiating between security regimes and content formats
  • Mitigating risks associated with changes to APIs

The Solution
Layer 7’s SecureSpan SOA Gateway was deployed as a SOA mediation device that would sit between clients and backend services. The SOA Gateway was implemented as a key element in a complete SOA governance solution, which also included HP SOA Systinet and HP Business Availability Center.


The Results
With a comprehensive SOA Governance solution in place, the insurer was able to:

  • Gain greater IT flexibility and business agility
  • Reduce application maintenance costs and business risk
  • Deliver higher-quality services, with fewer service outages