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British Columbia Attorney General - XML & Web Services Security

Sharing vital services with strategic partners

Sharing vital services with strategic partners


The British Columbia Attorney General (BCAG) is a government ministry in British Columbia, Canada, with a constitutional and statutory role as the province’s lawyer. In an effort to streamline court proceedings, the BCAG wanted to make data from its electronic filing system, called JUSTIN, available to internal and external BCAG employees, partner organizations and the general public.


The Business Challenge
JUSTIN contains extremely confidential information related to court proceedings. The BCAG needed a secure, cost-effective way to:

  • Allow access to vital information from the system without having to provide direct access to JUSTIN itself
  • Implement access controls that would assign privileges based on the user’s profile

The Solution
The BCAG adopted a Layer 7 SecureSpan solution. This solution has allowed the organization to securely expose JUSTIN data as XML-based Web services using:

  • Best-in-breed XML firewalling
  • Adaptive policy enforcement
  • Client-side security coordination

The Results
By delivering a turnkey solution for securely sharing vital data across organizational boundaries, SecureSpan provided the BCAG with the following key benefits:

  • Increased ability to a respond quickly to the needs of constituents
  • Easy installation and configuration resulting in negligible deployment costs
  • No need for complex security and integration policy coding