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Belgium French Community (ETNIC) - Secure eGovernment Services

Securing electronic registration services for public education

Securing electronic registration services for public education


ETNIC (Entreprise des Technologies Nouvelles de l’Information et de la Communication), provides IT solutions for the French Community of Belgium government. ETNIC employs 150 IT specialists and has an annual budget of €24 million.  In this case, the French Community tasked ETNIC with improving its school student registration infrastructure.


The Business Challenge
With schools using many disparate IT systems, the registration process often devolved to sending communications between stakeholders via paper documents. ETNIC identified SOA as a way to ensure interoperability between these systems. However, establishing trust between backend systems and client applications remained a challenge.


The Solution
Layer 7’s SecureSpan Gateway was deployed as a key component of ETNIC’s SOA-based registration solution. SecureSpan allowed ETNIC to create a highly secure but simple-to-implement system for allowing schools’ client applications to gain access to data from backend systems, without requiring users to go through a complex security procedure each time.


The Results
ETNIC’s solution dramatically reduced errors in data entry and increased system efficiency. The Layer 7 Gateway has empowered ETNIC to define complex security policies in a graphical user-friendly way, allowing the agency’s IT specialists to focus on security-related business logic requirements instead of how these requirements could be technically implemented.