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Amerigroup - API Management for Mobile

Enabling mobile Medicaid via API management and security

Enabling mobile Medicaid via API management and security


Amerigroup Corporation is a Fortune 500 company and the ninth largest publicly traded healthcare company in the United States. Amerigroup focuses on coordinating local Medicare and Medicaid programs for the US government. 

With more than four thousand employees across the US, Amerigroup processes 24 million claims every year. To meet the needs of members who are disabled or bedridden, Amerigroup associates make two million outcalls annually.


The Challenge
Data from outcalls had always been recorded on paper and keyed in by hand at a later time. This system was prone to errors, which raised costs and delayed processing. Amerigroup was highly concerned with bringing this process online.

Amerigroup created a mobile application for the Apple iPad, allowing staff on outcalls to interactively assess members’ needs. However, transmitting the data collected back to Americagroup’s datacenter raised serious privacy and regulatory issues.


The Solution
Layer 7 was able to quickly deploy a solution that allowed Amerigroup’s iPad app to connect securely with internal applications exposed as Web services-based APIs. The solution included strict API authentication and authorization as well as comprehensive threat protection.


The Results
By enabling the secure use of mobile technology, Layer 7 is helping Amerigroup staff to reduce time spent on administrative tasks and increase time spent with members. This had led to more efficient decision making and enhanced member services.