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Simplifying API Access Control with OAuth featuring 451 Research

Control API access using OAuth and existing IAM investments

Control API access using OAuth and existing IAM investments


A growing number of enterprises want to use RESTFUL APIs to open their data and application functionality to online partners, mobile apps and Cloud services. Managing which applications and developers have access to what resources is the foundation of good API security.

Therefore, identity and access management (IAM) is a key element of API management and security. This webinar explores how an enterprise can use the OAuth standard to create an IAM system for its APIs, integrating with and leveraging existing access controls and identity stores.


You Will Learn

  • The security and management challenges of open APIs
  • The identity and access challenges associated with securing APIs
  • Why OAuth is central to effective API access control and security
  • How to extend existing IAM and Single Sign-On investments for API access
  • How to build on this foundation in order to manage APIs

Presented by

  • Francois Lascelles
    Director of Solutions Engineering, Layer 7 Technologies
  • Steve Coplan
    Security Analyst, 451 Research