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Security in the Cloud vs. Security for the Cloud presented with Tier1Research & The 451 Group

Differentiate between the two key forms of Cloud governance

Differentiate between the two key forms of Cloud governance


Many enterprises are considering Cloud computing as a solution to a range of key business and IT needs. However, Cloud adoption raises serious concerns relating primarily to data security and IT governance.

This webinar, presented by Layer 7 Technologies in association with Tier1Research and The 451 Group, explains how to clearly differentiate between two important forms of Cloud security and governance:

  • Security for the cloud
    Facilitating and governing the use of externally-hosted applications/services through internal policies and logic
  • Security in the cloud
    Security for shared elastic resources residing in third-party environments on dedicated private Clouds

You Will Learn

  • Which business and IT needs drive Cloud adoption
  • What security and governance concerns impede Cloud adoption
  • Why the Cloud challenges conventional IT governance models
  • How Layer 7’s products enable the two key forms of Cloud governance

Presented by

  • Steve Coplan
    Senior Analyst, Enterprise Security Practice, The 451 Group
  • Scott Morrison
    CTO and Chief Architect, Layer 7 Technologies