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Protecting Your APIs Against Attack & Hijack

Secure enterprise APIs for mobile, cloud and open Web

Secure enterprise APIs for mobile, cloud and open Web


APIs present enterprises with many business opportunities but they also create new attack vectors that hackers can potentially exploit. APIs share many of the same threats that plague the Web but APIs are fundamentally different from Web sites and have an entirely unique risk profile that must be addressed. 

By adopting a secure API architecture from the beginning, it is possible to address both old and new threats. In this webinar, Scott Morrison – CTO at Layer 7 Technologies – explains in detail how an enterprise can pursue its API publishing strategy without compromising the security of its on-premise systems and data. 


You Will Learn

  • How APIs increase the attack surface
  • What key types of risk are introduced by APIs
  • How enterprises can mitigate each of these risks
  • Why it is crucial to separate API implementation and security into distinct tiers

Presented By

  • Scott Morrison
    CTO, Layer 7 Technologies