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Intelligent APIs for Big Data & IoT

Create customized data views for mobile, analytics and IoT use cases

Create customized data views for mobile, analytics and IoT use cases 



Enterprises are increasingly concerned with the opportunities presented by Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT). To realize these opportunities, they will need ways to extract usable insight from huge data sets spread across applications, databases, Big Data repositories, in-memory caches and external clouds.  

The amount of data available to any given enterprise is growing fast and IoT is projected to increase it by an order of magnitude. Clearly, providing internal users, external partners and mobile apps with meaningful views of significant information from this sea of data is a complex process. This webinar with Holger Reinhardt and Matt McLarty of the Layer 7 API Academy explores API-driven ways to simplify the process.


You Will Learn How To

  • Understand the difference between service APIs and data APIs
  • Realize the value of data-driven architectures and data-as-a-service (DaaS)
  • Use data APIs to open a secure entry point into a complex collection of data sources 
  • Create customized data views for specific authorized users
  • Leverage API-driven data access to monetize a range of use cases

Presented By

  • Holger Reinhardt
    Product Architect & Business Developer, Layer 7
  • Matt McLarty
    VP, Practice Services, Layer 7