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Governance 2.0: A New Look at SOA Governance in the Age of Cloud & Mobile presented with HP

Coordinate governance across SOA, mobile and the Cloud

Coordinate governance across SOA, mobile and the Cloud


As enterprises extend their IT reach into the cloud and across mobile devices, the process of controlling who has access to what information becomes more complex. As more and more application data and functionality gets exposed over the Internet, enterprises are going to face:

  • Greater compliance scrutiny
  • New challenges in identity verification
  • Increased emphasis on SLA conformance

This webinar, presented by Layer 7 Technologies and HP Software, explores new approaches and best practices for handling governance across service-oriented architectures, mobile devices and the cloud.


You Will Learn

  • New integrated approaches for bridging design-time and runtime governance
  • New security and federation approaches for dealing with cross-domain governance
  • Different approaches to insulating policy and controls from implementation details
  • How to get comprehensive performance visibility across a distributed environment

Presented by

  • Francois Lascelles
    Director of Solutions Engineering, Worldwide, Layer 7 Technologies
  • Peter Gibbels
    Software Product Management, ALM/SOA, HP