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Enabling Business Success with APIs

Learn how APIs create business value in the new open enterprise

Learn how APIs create business value in the new open enterprise



Over the last six years, many organizations have gone through a transformation – completely changing the way they do business and/or interact with their customers. The rise of cloud computing and the ubiquity of mobile apps have created what has been referred to as “the new open enterprise”.

This webinar looks at drivers behind the open enterprise, challenges created by this new way of doing business and how APIs can empower you to meet these challenges in order to transform your organization. Ross Garrett, Director of Product Management at Layer 7 explains how APIs make it possible to:

  • Expand customer reach and maximize customer retention
  • Integrate cloud and mobile technologies with legacy systems
  • Unlock the value of enterprise technology investments and data
  • Deliver products, services and solutions in innovative new ways

You Will Learn

  • What key qualities define the new open enterprise
  • How a major airline used APIs to deliver innovative new customer services
  • How Layer 7 can help your organization execute an effective API business strategy

Presented By

  • Ross Garrett
    Director of Product Management, Layer 7