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Drones, Phones & Pwns: The Promise (& Dangers) of IoT APIs

Use APIs to securely leverage the Internet of Things

Use APIs to securely leverage the Internet of Things



The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to improve our productivity and day-to-day lives by connecting a vast range of devices – from cell phones, to cars, to domestic appliances and even to drones. APIs represent the key technology that will make it possible to integrate and leverage information from all these “things”.

There are obvious security and privacy concerns associated with using APIs to expose data and functionality from one device to many others. So, how can we make sure hackers cannot exploit the unprecedented connectivity created by IoT? This Webinar explores key IoT use cases and explains how to address the API security requirements for these use cases.


You Will Learn

  • Why IoT represents a massive opportunity for organizations across industries
  • How APIs facilitate meaningful information sharing between connected devices
  • What organizations must do to ensure they don’t get “pwned” by a new generation of IoT hackers

Presented By

  • Jaime Ryan
    Senior Director, Product Management & Strategy, CA Layer 7