January 30th, 2012

Your One-Stop Shop for OAuth Tutorials

OAuth TutorialsThe ongoing explosion in the amount of online information generated by enterprises has created a need for open, distributed access – a way to get at online content that doesn’t require private user credentials to flow freely over the Internet. The OAuth specification has rapidly emerged as the key standard that enables this kind of delegated access.

At Layer 7, we’ve responded with the creation of our OAuth Toolkit, as well as a series of tutorial videos that explain how enterprises can use the Toolkit to simplify OAuth implementation. Now, in response to the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve received to these tutorials, we’ve decided to give them their own section on our Web site.

This section features all of Francois Lascelles’ popular OAuth 2.0 with Layer 7 Gateways series, with expanded notes and commentary. It also includes one or two of my own tutorials. Over time we’ll be adding demonstrations of how Layer 7 enables connectivity to commonly used OAuth implementations at various social and business networks, including Twitter and LinkedIn.

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