October 21st, 2011

FROM THE VAULT: White Paper – Steer Safely into the Clouds

Cloud GovernanceThis week, From the Vault – our weekly series highlighting classic resources from the Layer 7 Resource Library  – steps back into the Cloud. Our goal with the white paper Steer Safely into the Clouds was to outline a secure path for Cloud adoption. With a great many drivers pointing enterprises towards the Cloud, this is pretty vital information.

This white paper is also a vital document for us because it outlines the governance philosophy underpinning all our Cloud solutions. It’s increasingly true that everybody wants to be in the Cloud but a move to the Cloud introduces new security risks and may compromise traditional IT governance. That’s where our Cloud governance philosophy comes in.

The way we see it, Cloud governance is a logical evolution of existing SOA governance best practices. It offers a way to assert control over both internal and external applications and data. This white paper should be enough to convince you that, using Cloud governance, the widely reported challenges of Cloud computing can be met.

Download Steer Safely into the Clouds

October 17th, 2011

New White Paper: A Simple & Secure Approach to Integration across SOA, API & Cloud

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Lightweight ESB White PaperWe’re very pleased to announce the publication of a new Layer 7 white paper, called SOA Appliances: A Simple & Secure Approach to Integration across SOA, API & Cloud. Written by Jamie Ryan, Layer 7’s Partner Solutions Architect, this white paper explores how a SOA Gateway can be deployed as a lightweight alternative to the conventional Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

The ESB has emerged in recent years in response to the increased need for IT integration, which enterprises have experienced as a result of rapidly proliferating Cloud and mobile technologies. ESBs tend to be extremely feature-rich. Consequently, they can also be very complex, to the point that they are often difficult and costly to install, administer and secure.

Our new white paper explains that a SOA Gateway represents a simpler, more cost-effective alternative to the ESB – crucially, an alternative that does not require the enterprise to compromise on security. Using a SOA Gateway as an ESB enables a modern integration architecture but with a much lighter footprint and user experience.

Click here to download SOA Appliances: A Simple & Secure Approach to Integration across SOA, Cloud & API