January 16th, 2012

New OAuth Tutorial: Using Layer 7 as an OAuth 1.0/1.0a Server & Client

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Using Layer 7 as an OAuth 1.0 ServerFrom a technical perspective, rapid adoption of the OAuth standard has resulted in something of a moving target. As the specification evolves, one company may implement OAuth 1.0a, another 2.0, while a third might go with OAuth WRAP. In addition, vague requirements in the spec often result in incompatible implementations, even of the same version.

My colleague Francois Lascelles recently launched a series of tutorial videos demonstrating how Layer 7’s OAuth Toolkit allows enterprises to use OAuth 2.0 to create some really interesting, powerful interaction scenarios.  However, the OAuth 2.0 specification isn’t 100% stable yet, so a real-world implementation must also be able to deal with 1.0a and OAuth WRAP.

For this reason, I’ve come up with a couple of additional tutorials that will demonstrate how our solution can be customized to meet changing requirements. My first tutorial, below, demonstrates a sample application using OAuth 1.0a, which exposes an interface that allows consuming applications to request access tokens and enables users to authorize those apps.

Watch this space for my second video, which will demonstrate how the OAuth Toolkit can be used to customize your implementation.

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