March 5th, 2012

Layer 7 at RSA Conference 2012

RSA Conference 2012The 2012 RSA Conference is now over and as many journalists rightly noted this year’s show was as much about opening up the enterprise to the outside as it was about closing the enterprise from the outside. With the acceleration of Cloud adoption and the rapid growth of tablet and smart phone inside the enterprise, the need to manage how information is shared out securely has never been greater. To this end, Layer 7 gave two talks at RSA in addition to two workshops and a sponsorship of Cloud Security Alliance Conference around this general theme.

The two talks given by Layer 7 staff at RSA included one focused on access best practices for APIs called Enterprise Access Control Patterns for REST & Web API and the other focused on the threat implications of Open APIs called Hacking’s Gilded Age — How APIs Will Increase Risk & Chaos. The first was delivered by Layer 7 Director of Solution Engineering Francois Lascelles. The second was delivered by Layer 7 CTO Scott Morrison. For those of you not able to have caught the talks live, we provide the slides below. Enjoy.


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