August 1st, 2013

Who Won’t Have an API?

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API InfographicThat’s what we struggled to find out in our recent survey of enterprises. While we failed to canvass the North Koreans, it would seem the vast majority of enterprises in the developed world plan to implement an API program in one form or another. This probably helps – at least in part – to explain the surfeit of acquisition and funding-related news coverage the API Management sector has recently experienced

But what was perhaps most revelatory about Layer 7’s API survey and its accompanying infographic was that that it did not reveal any one leading driver for API publishing programs or any one implementation preference for API Management solutions.

Enterprises are using APIs for mobility, cloud, integration and developer programs. They are also deploying APIs from their datacenters, from the cloud and from hybrid environments. What that tells me is that flexibility should be the critical consideration for anyone evaluating the API Management alternatives.

(Full disclosure: Layer 7 offers the most flexible API delivery, management and security solution in the marketplace.)