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Steven Tait

Steven Tait is Layer 7's Social Media & Search Marketing Coordinator.

July 6th, 2012

OpenID Connect: Live Tech Talk July 10 9am PDT

OpenID ConnectOur Tech Talks strive to focus on the most interesting and relevant API Management topics for both developers and publishers. And as new and evolving protocols emerge, we want to provide a forum for developers and publishers alike to discuss these protocols in an open discussion forum. So with that in mind, our next Tech Talk will focus on OpenID Connect.

OpenID Connect is an emerging standard that adds federated authentication to OAuth 2.0-enabled systems. It’s a suite of lightweight specifications that provide a framework for identity interactions via RESTful APIs. And in its simplest deployment, OpenID Connect allows all types of clients including browser-based, mobile and javascript to request and receive information about identities and currently authenticated sessions.

So, it’s a relatively simple protocol that helps make authenticating complicated scenarios easier. And let’s be honest – simple and easy are always welcome when it comes to securing RESTful APIs. Authorization and authentication are now available using only one technology. This makes life easier for anyone looking to secure their APIs.

But of course, questions always arise when discussing the various implementation scenarios for OpenID Connect. That’s why we’re excited to welcome Senior Software Developer Sascha Preibisch as our special guest for our July 10 Tech Talk Tuesday. He will answer any OpenID Connect questions you may have – so get those questions ready and join us on July 10 at 9am PDT.

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Tuesday, July 10 | 9am PDT | 12pm EDT | 5pm BST

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June 22nd, 2012

Designing Flexible APIs – Live Tech Talk on June 26

Mike AmundsenEach and every Web or mobile developer has unique needs. APIs have to be flexible enough to meet these varying needs.

Mike Amundsen, Layer 7′s new Principal API Architect, is an in-demand thought leader who focuses on the subject of how to build flexible, adaptable APIs. We’re very excited that Mike will be discussing this issue as our special guest for the next Tech Talk Tuesday event on June 26 at 9am PDT.

He’ll be chatting with Director of Client Solutions Matt McLarty and taking questions live. It’s not a presentation or scripted in anyway. It’s simply a chance for you to have your questions on designing flexible APIs answered live.

So, what does it mean to design a flexible API? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Employing the USE methodology (Usable, Scalable, Evolvable)
  • When (and when NOT) to version your API
  • Supporting multiple formats (XML, JSON etc.)
  • Designing the message format
  • Planning for re-usability
  • The power of hypermedia as a design element

I’m looking forward to a great interactive Tech Talk with lots of questions and audience participation. It’s a great topic and we have a great speaker to go along with it.

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June 11th, 2012

API Analytics Tech Talk Tuesday

API AnalyticsGet your API analytics questions ready! Tech Talk is coming up tomorrow, Tuesday June 12 – it’s live it’s interactive and CTO Scott Morrison will be our guest. Tweet questions to #layer7live.

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If you publish an API, you need a way to measure and understand how that API functions. You need a way to manage it. You need a way to measure it. APIs are becoming an essential part of the Internet and more enterprises are opening up their APIs to third-party developers.

Of course, API security is always a concern but if you publish an API, you also need to measure how it functions – what metrics are you concerned with? Are there any API errors my application is seeing? How does my API usually perform and is that changing? Is it slowing down or are there latency issues caused by using a proxy?

Key metrics API publishers need to consider include: errors, performance, availability, latency and response time. And with the Layer 7 API Portal, these metrics can be graphed and filtered by user, developer and API.

So be sure to join us tomorrow at 9am PDT when Layer 7 CTO Scott Morrison will take live questions from the stream. It’s a great chance to have your API analytics questions answered.

How to Attend:

Just visit the Layer 7 Facebook page at 9am PDT on June 12 and click the Livestream icon.

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April 27th, 2012

Tech Talk Tuesday: Developer Management

API Developer Management

Time for another Tech Talk Folks. API developer management. During this interactive one-hour event, we’ll be discussing how enterprises can attract, engage and manage developers for their open APIs.

Open APIs allow enterprises to build communities of third-party developers around their applications and data. But many enterprises struggle to ensure developers actually use these APIs to build apps that deliver real value.

On Tuesday May 1 (add to your calendar) we’ll be offering real-world developer management strategies that will help you get maximum benefit from your APIs.

So be sure to come to the Layer 7 Facebook page at 9am PDT.

How to Attend:

Just visit the Layer 7 Facebook page at 9am PDT on May 1 and click the Livestream icon.

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Guest Expert: Dana Crane

As Product Manager for Layer 7′s API Portal, Dana Crane sets the direction of the company’s newest product.
His involvement in creating this product has given him deep insight into what it takes to build active developer communities around open APIs.
Dana holds a BSc from the University of Toronto and a diploma in hard knocks from the Internet boom.

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April 13th, 2012

Tech Talk Tuesday: Caching & API Optimization

Written by

Geoff Duck Tech Talk TuesdayHere we go again – time for another Tech Talk Tuesday. It’s live, unscripted, interactive and it’s going to be awesome – especially if you love to talk Caching & API Optimization.

We’ve simplified SOAP to REST, we’ve explained OAuth and now, during this interactive one-hour event, we’ll be discussing how open API publishers can optimize the delivery and performance of their APIs using techniques like caching. But it’s a live event, so you never know what might happen, with questions coming fast and from all over the globe.

If you haven’t joined us in the past – take a look at these episodes here on our official Layer 7 YouTube page. They’ll give you a good idea of what Tech Talk Tuesday is all about.

Our special guest this week is Geoff Duck, a Senior Developer and innovative superstar at Layer 7. He’s smart, good looking and thinks fast on his feet. He regularly works with Layer 7 customers, helping them implement API management and SOA governance best practices – so here‘s your chance to interact live with one of our top developers.

We look forward to seeing you there. Get your questions ready and then, on Tuesday (at 9am PST), simply go to our Facebook page, click the Livestream tab and hit play. It’s super easy.

See you Tuesday!