December 5th, 2012

APIs & the Business of Telecoms

APIs and the Business of TelcosAPIs are the foundation of modern business. Everything we do, from buying a coffee to checking the weather or booking a flight, is supported by a robust API architecture in the background. Businesses likewise assume that they can exchange information and build compelling new services based on APIs.

This is causing disruption across industry sectors but also opportunity and it is having a particularly marked impact on the telecommunications industry. With the proliferation of next-generation communication services, consumers and enterprises alike are looking beyond their network service providers and finding exciting new ways to consume content, engage with businesses and communicate with friends or colleagues.

Telcos haven’t been ignoring this by any means, yet several iterations of failed API strategy have led not only to lost revenue opportunities but – in many cases – huge expense as well. However, now is not the time to cast aside these investments or ignore the exploding API economy – and in fact, we’ve heard plenty of success stories from companies that took the correct approach. Telcos must participate and open up more and more services to keep pace with this economy. And they must do so without compromising data and network security.

Layer 7’s new white paper, APIs & the Business of Telecoms, written by independent telecommunications thought leader Alan Quayle, aims to help telcos understand how they can quickly address the functional and non-functional requirements of a successful API exposure program. This is essential reading for all telcos – APIs really are the future!

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